oh hello TUESDAY! Now you are changed.


Oh, we do certainly have a special day today! The work was done where now your operating system is going to be way more detached from what programmed you to be. This can be like moving away for the first time when you discover how different things are depending on where you live. You only know the truth of what conditions you to believe it is the truth. And the ways you have held back your own life, because you followed what you thought was right, were just changed in your mental spaces so that you DO start to question and DO start to look beyond where you are now. This means many of you will receive some sort of insight that gets you AMPED to want to keep moving towards a new dream.

This energy is to be exciting like when you have feelings of doing something for a long time and now you finally move to this new space or sign up for something that will be where you get to grow and learn. See that where you are now is merging into some sort of BIG TIME understanding where you’ll just want to go for something. Reach for what feels like a leap of faith into a dream come true. It IS time to walk like you value yourself so much and want to create a fair space so that you DON’T say yes to things that don’t feel like your gifts are really being appreciated. Something wants you making a change and engaging in a new way of doing things in a new space that is not what you have grown accustomed to. So. Get ready to see where you get to fly next. But do know that life wants you to choose for more and to not waste another year doubting your ability to really do what you think will make you happy. Now you grow determination to get these jobs done. Step by step, but with one eye on how stoked you are going to be when you get to what you KNOW is your dream. Don’t give up on your destiny. See it now and you’ll get it later. Later will be now eventually. Don’t miss this opportunity.


  • MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Sun. Jupiter.
  • MOON DEGREES: 16 to 30 Sagittarius
  • MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

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