oh hello SUNDAY! Open your mind to some solution.

25 July 2021


Be aware that MANY things will infuriate you today about how the old world has done things and how manipulative some people can be with their messages. You can see things that will occupy your mind and WILL be testing you to let go of an old way you processed things. You are to be learning to take the disfunction and not let it get you down but allow it to press you into motion towards expanding into a better understanding of things. Our minds can feel inundated with information that spreads us too thin or distracts. Be a boss and steer things towards looking for a solution. This energy is merely asking you to open your mind to something else EVEN IF you don’t know what that is just yet. This is all a test to see if you are really ready to work for a better life. Whoever crosses your path is to get you vibing something of a negative nature – but NOT allowing it to stay around. Snap that baby back! If you keep going to hopeless states in your mind, you will travel to hopeless states in your steps. STOP doing what is hurting you the most. Many of you will be waking out of the social media slumber as you will feel influencers in different ways – tuning into insecurities that are trying to front as confidence. Bit by bit this will wake you to manipulations keeping you following the wrong things. Roads are going to change BIG TIME and it really comes from us wanting authenticity and to be in spaces that empower.

  • MOON PLANNER: Mars. Jupiter. 
  • MOON DEGREES: 18 Aquarius to 1 Pisces.
  • MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

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