oh hello SATURDAY! A little discomfort.

24 July 2021


Do be aware that many of you have headaches or disturbances where it will feel like you can't think straight or can't focus or just feel something a bit off. This is a day of psychic surgery where work was done on us last night as we slept. You probably tossed and turned and woke up often. Downloads were sent into your system through vibrations that will start altering how your mind works. You will see rapid manifestation around negative thoughts and hatred. This is to get you to see what a powerful manifester you ARE. But as quickly as stink comes to your dark thoughts, miracles will race to your proper and loving and surrendering thoughts. So, if you find yourself on the wrong side of the street and getting hit by oncoming cars, shift your mind to hoping for pleasant experiences to find you. This day is pretty magical, but it will create a big divide as many people don’t understand how quickly things manifest today. Also people will have dark clouds around them like a virus and if they come for you, you need to sidestep them and NOT just make it your responsibility to fix everyone else. And many people are feeling so fragmented in the brain that they are misfiring and blowing fuses and can feel FURIOUS at what they want to see shift. Take deep breaths and see yourself moving through the storm but NOT getting hit by lightning. Be a powerful co-creator and work magic today. You can see a surprise that elevates you to a new view, but you HAVE to vibe something special in order to get there. Do it with love and decide that you will go against the ways of the mainstream and do it your way. The answer you need will come, but you got to trust that it is already on the way.

  • MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.
  • MOON DEGREES: 4 to 17 Aquarius.
  • MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

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