oh hello MONDAY! It may be sleepy times.


Okay then! We all get to feel a big shift coming through and many of you will see that things look different as they feel like the old days or they have a luminescent shine. You may notice the smells bringing you back to feelings where you may even miss certain people or get nostalgic with those who are at a distance to you. This energy is to return you to peace where you have gone out and discovered it all and now come home to a better understanding of things.

You may be SUPER tired today and you will interpret it as negative. But see that it is happening to slower your vibe so you can hitch on to these other feelings that are basically tuning up your ride. Go into any low with curiosity about how this can help you grow. Because that is the whole point. This is ONLY for your best and it will get you around a corner where you see things and actually walk this experience that before was just lost in your miscommunications with your wounds leading your interpretations. This time wants you to heal an old way that is familiar that needs an upgrade and a polish and windows cleaned so you can see how this feels from a different scene.

Take what comes and raise it. You are NOT going to be undone. You will not be lost and forgotten. You just got to travel the storms and coach yourself when you start to forget that you are okay. Your wounds need you getting up from scratched knees and carrying on. Illusion on the wall does not need to stop and fool you. Keep moving on.


  • MOON PLANNER: South Node. Chiron.
  • MOON DEGREES: 2 to 15 Sagittarius
  • MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

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