23 July 2021


Oh moon!! We love when you go full in the sign of the New Earth ways as you ask us to open our minds to how maybe we DO have it wrong from our programming and WILL need to apply upgrades and changes to what we thought was written in stone. This is when people awaken to ways that their heart needed all this attention, but it was from the point of scarcity and fear that people defined their needs. You will see how you were following along and ultimately finding reasons to think that you don’t have a home in the world. This energy is to shock you awake, and possibly bring you to your knees as you beg for things to change, but this is for your good in getting you to go for more and to come from new foundations that DO see you as important and worthy of an amazing new future. Your mind will go from flustered and fragmented to excited for what next could be. Synchronicity is to align you with people who ARE your vibration and similar in views. Expect to be surprised but to see that this is something you have been waiting for. Where your heart started noticing new areas where the tapestry has worn thin, you will start to see growth from things that affirm your creativity and the new love that is growing from the debris of what has been thrown away and NOT given the light it needs. Something WILL come back, and it deals with love or parts of your artistic life that needed to go a few rounds and evolve into better form. There is something you would like to do, and you need to see that you have a place for this. The steps will be there for you to walk and it's time for you to see that what you love to do is something the world needs you to vulnerably believe in. BUT FIRST, you need to let go of a thought pattern buying into scarcity and not enough to go around. You are to plant your mind with curiosity into finding a way – and then not let go. You aren’t to know it all, but you are to believe in the best. 100% your heart speaks, and it needs you to see that there IS a way to get to your ultimate dream where you are seen for the magic that is your incarnation to bring. Old thoughts will fall away and reveal cracks in the foundation. Move through the cracks to get to the new light. The pressure is a sign that you are close to something better. Beginnings usually test you to see if you really got it in you and DO WANT to live a better life experience. Keep with it and rebuild every rip in your past that leaks hope for better days. The best IS yet to come. Don’t give up when you are so close to change!

  • MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Pluto.
  • MOON DEGREES: 20 Capricorn to 3 Aquarius.
  • MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.
  • FULL MOON: 1 degree Aquarius.

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