MAY 2 | Monday

So. Understand that things are moving you to dig in your heels and really use your voice to draw strong boundaries around how YOU need things to feel better for you. This is not about going to the bargain basement and taking things that are less than; it’s about valuing yourself and going determined AND SLOW in reaching for what you see will one day support you.

So, know that many of you may be talking about your changes or will be doing some sort of plan that deals with you moving into this new area and starting to pave out new steps that need you walking this in order to show it how it’s going to be. You are to be the one speaking over or not just following along because you have in your past or were conditioned to not let something like this bother you.

As we get clearer with our throats in connecting up with our hearts, we DO shock others in how we have to make changes that support healthy communication and all sides being heard before dominant forces come in to keep with the old world paved ways already put into motion. If something does not feel right, it needs you using your throat to express how you think things should be.

We do have a lot of power to influence others right now THROUGH our own vibrations. So DO stay with a clear mind in seeing you WILL get your needs manifested and that there WILL be an understanding in what you need to bring to the surface to get its airtime.

You also may be planting seeds for ways you want to broaden your creative gifts and share something that will help you grow a dream that you feel will sustain you or be what grounds you in the future. Use your vibration to see great success for your new plans and new plot of land that will be exciting to you and getting you to share yourself in new ways. See that something wonderful is growing and it needs you patiently working through the fears and challenges that USED to get you running and escaping from what you can really do with your life.

Be on your toes and expect things to be moving around and shifting – but use your energy to see that YOU are creating the new way from your positive thoughts on what an AMAZING experience you are about to walk into. Don’t let the old world fears get you seeing for all the negative. This month is to change us so that we trust more and seek for what grounds and stabilizes us. If we get pulled up with the wind, we were SUPPOSED to take this other journey. Don’t question your life – but DO pay attention and value the signs. You need things to be better and it is not about compromising anymore to stay quiet and abide and follow along. It’s about facing things, confronting the way they make us feel, and seeing that change is a beautiful thing if it is needed. The mystery supports YOU sharing your truth. Don’t ever hide again what feels like it needs to reach the light.

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