MAY 12 | Thursday

Okay then! Today, along with yesterday and tomorrow, will bring HUGE SHIFTS to your consciousness! This is when we are to really understand how others have messed us up or that we give too much credit to them being the judge of our success and happiness. It is when we are to see that there are many sides to all situations, but our addiction to seeing that we are losing or are victims or are late in life are LIES we don’t have to buy into anymore.

So what if they got married at 20 and had kids and you are 38 and still waiting. So what if you are still alone and don’t have a best friend at this time. So what if you are going to school in your late 30s and starting in on a new path in life. DON’T JUDGE YOUR JOURNEY from the perspective that you need to be this other thing that others want you to believe in. Don’t hold yourself back or shame and blame yourself for moves you made in your past that have not gotten you what you wished for. It all is okay, and it ALL comes out in the wash.

So, condition your mind to stop the wobble where you spend your vibration in lower thoughts THINKING it is okay to appraise it all. We don’t need you giving away your energy to dirty thinking, like dirty electricity, which is wildly toxic. You did what you did – move on. They did what they did – move on. This energy wants you letting it go and starting fresh in how you see for the positive in what will be and what was done “wrong”. Actually walk the peace and just see how much your life will transform! We are being invited to show another way where we don’t allow confusion to muddy up our energy to the point we can’t get anything completed.

I believe 100% that we are to make these “mistakes” in order to be guides and teachers for others who are behind us on the journey. None of you are perfect, even though some of you fake it very well! But -- we ALL make devastating choices that lead to loss or damage or paths that end suddenly because they are not what they seemed. BUT – there is a life theme that we are to be learning from!

If you traveled a road, your soul was supposed to. And it’s on you to be the kind person who doesn’t spend so much time dwelling in the negativity of NOW having a much more evolved perspective on what you should have done. All our decisions in our 20s are not the same way we would do things in our 40s. We only get better at making decisions when we get older. So, see that you are a work of art and allow the paint expressions to be done over with a new view that comes from you walking the journey and NOT staying depressed on how wrong you got things in your 20s. If you painted something that you now don’t approve of, paint over it with love. Accept your “mistakes” and create something better. It IS what you are supposed to do.

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