MAY 10 | Tuesday | Mercury Retrograde

THIS DAY IS IMPORTANT!!! We are in a really sweet space that we need to pay attention to because it is going to loop back our way in June BECAUSE of what you plant today and go back to reconsider.

There are steps to your healing process that deal with you facing situations that changed but that were not really completed and handled in a positive way. Where we have misbehaved – because it was all we could do – we will see into another side and way to be with forgiveness as we share words that are about valuing the process and keeping with the discipline of moving the furniture until it is JUST RIGHT.

I am being shown that we have a map with all these little squares and each one of them is a hard decision we need to make. They also come together and depend on each other – so it can numb many of you out at the wildness of so much to do as you see every little piece. So. Stay open to what you are seeing but don’t get down on thinking it all needs to be done today or that any correction will fix it all in the blink of an eye.

We are to apprentice with making our lives run in a smoother order -- and we need the mirror of others to show us where we still need to face things and do our part to work towards the mend. We are to think like the nurse doing whatever they can to give their all to service. We are not to hide away and see that THEY HURT US. We are to see the mirror, face the mirror, make peace with the mirror and show a better version that is NOT like the mirror.

It’s time for your mind to stop fighting what is just here trying to get you to heal and reprogram you so that you fly high with dreams in seeing things are happening for you to grow – not to you as punishment. It’s a class for you to take – that you keep taking until you finally pass. This energy wants us looking head on into what we need to let go of and how we need to be the ones valuing ourselves first and not just looking to others to guide our faith in self and to influence us from their own wounded ways. When we wake up, we wake up fast – and we see that boundaries are now going up that keep you of glass half full mind around whatever needs to be changed -- and fixated in new ways that YOUR throat is choosing for. This is about you making things known and not just holding back because powers that be have manipulated you small in your past.

Expect to really start coming up with the great ideas that help you run your workspace or be with a new routine that does something to clear your mind and allow for more mutable ways for life to be. It’s time to lose the rigid stance and open to something organic that has moving parts and that supports you feeling mentally focused on seeing for the best. It’s time to get that mind IN LINE with a beautiful future. SEE FOR IT and it will be there for you to walk next. Let go of old world fears keeping you seeing how blocked you are. All the squares on the map need you making a decision, but you only need to do one thing at a time.

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