JUNE 27 | Monday

Tomorrow we have a New Moon in Cancer and today all you will want to do is start over and begin again from where you now see you could make better decisions with your life. Things are moving around you and we won’t really know until this settles -- but do what you can to see that this is going to be what you need to begin again and be more conscious of expressing clearly when you feel things are NOT good enough for you. Some of you will feel energized to get things done and face what has needed you doing something to put it into better position. But others are TIRED today and they won’t want to do a thing. Wherever you are, be okay with it!! Neptune often wants to take your energy and leave you feeling flat, and you just need to realize that down times are just as productive as up times. Give yourself permission to do what feels best and to not be so consumed on forcing yourself to do what mainstream thinks you need to be doing. There also may be someone around you who is bringing big emotional drama, and this only needs you listening and not giving your energy away to argue or express that you feel let down. Don’t take on the flood waters of others to the point you feel zapped of faith. See that they have every right to believe what they believe -- but do what you can to NOT be a follower and buy into defeat. Grow yourself a new life from the provocation that makes you think opportunities are limited. Dream your way to the top of the surface and keep talking like you WILL be okay. – Because you will. And what you think is what will be.


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