JUNE 26 | Sunday

There is a shift around this day, and it will be wildly welcomed! The past few days where showing us what we need to let go of that is standing in the way of us really growing a new crop that will sustain. We need to be more patient with things not working out --BECAUSE they are a sign that we are on the wrong path! It is not that we are being punished, it is that change is here and now a new path and direction needs us accepting that it is time to go. Expect to come together with others and to get a second chance to be the better person or to handle something that needs you sharing how you feel. It’s also a great day to work on writing or creative projects that energize you as they feel like fun. We are to chase what feels good and to really walk this way where we encourage others to do more and to believe in their dreams. There is something around you that needs YOU giving it attention and working to move it into a better pattern or way of being what you need. Things around the neighborhood will inspire you and be what gets you coming up with new ideas on what to do that you love to do. Be fluid today because the direction you THOUGHT you would be taking is up for re-consideration. Just know, you are to lean into what energizes you – even if it is not what you planned to do.

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