JUNE 25 | Saturday

Okay then! We have another day where we are looking out and feeling like others are ruining the experience. We are feeling like some are winning and are pushing others out of the scene BECAUSE they take it all and expect that they are the ONLY ones who should receive. There is a big out of balance factor in the world where SO MANY are suffering, while SO MANY others are with all these things they don’t need. You may feel like you are being squeezed and it’s forcing you to come up with ideas and ways to do what you DON’T really want to have to do. This means you may feel depressed that things are not so easy or natural and it can you slumping and losing faith in a better day. Do what you can to keep your hands busy and be with artistic things. It's a great day to work on the garden or to do serious things that need you valuing the slow and steady process of getting the rewards you seek. It's also a great way to calm your mind as you face doors or blocks that need you seeing a new way to do what you used to do. Don’t buy into thinking something is wrong with you because of where you are now and how you WISH you would have made “better” decisions. Let something go and grow a better way today. It’s never too late to set this straight.

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