JUNE 24 | Friday

I heard someone talking about how lighter June would be because of some technical perspectives they were applying to ideas about astrology – but I tell you what, this month is a SQUEEZE. It's about WAKE UP and DO THE WORK. Face your shit and stop chasing the mainstream manipulations that want you creating another world that ultimately only serves and supports the wealthy becoming even more wealthy. The mainstream is controlled by a few forces who want to stay in power and keep you AWAY from your power. Even readers who keep telling you about these amazing “portals” and how THIS IS IT are manipulating you to buy into what they HOPE will come true. But my loves, I’m seeing at least 1.5 years more of what we see right now. It's not going away too quickly, but it’s also not staying around for as long as people fear. The depression happened and it taught people to need and use less. We are in a time when we are to chase what REALLY is valuable and will REALLY add to the quality of our lives. And because of promotions and marketing, we chase superficial things that are NOT making us better peoples. Today wants you hitting into some realization that IS to set you free in working towards a new crop of life that doesn’t need so many things. Be aware that others can trigger you today and KEEP you from waking to some realization that is to hit us around this day. So value your space, and move away. Make peace your priority and see the warning on the wall BEFORE you cross boundaries and lose it all.

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