JUNE 16 | Thursday

There is a new energy in the air, and it is all about getting us with serious focus around putting the pieces into a better order and making the most of what is here. It’s about facing the reality that things are not always as we wish them to be, but from the valleys we reach for new peaks, so we need to be okay with what we see. We wake up with a thud around this day and it will be a good change that gets us tending to the crops and not putting so much attention on the fear of what could be or the regret that we didn’t make the best decisions in our past. It’s time to let it go and give attention to what IS HERE and what does need us loving it as we grow it into better form. See how you can show up different where you speak clearly about how you need things to be, but where you are really giving what you want to see. This means softening when you otherwise would be blunt and too direct because you were speaking from your own pain. You also are in a space where the answer will reveal, but it may not be what you were looking for or expecting. What shows needs you growing this with more value and patience. What goes needs you letting it go.

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