May 31 | Tuesday

OKAY THEN! Something is in motion, and it deals with going for a dream or making a change that you are doing because it feels right to you. Your heart is opening because your mind is seeing into other possibilities, and it IS going to want to assert and be bold in going for what feels like it is the answer. Do be aware that people are moving quickly, and it means you may feel thrown off guard by what is shifting around you.

Be with the hopeful mind and be happy that others are going for things finally! We are tested to keep with seeing the good in all – even if it appears to bring us challenges. Whatever comes today is to test you in seeing if you really are ready to stop holding the low vibing mind that judges and goes dark with all that is not easy and coming quickly.

Do what you can to look at people and say things in your mind that encourage them. Something about this is saying the energy has changed and we have more power than we know! This deals with using your vibration to see for good things for others and to know that it IS adding up and making way for them to see miracles in their own lives.

You also are encouraged to be around people as things are coming from neighbors or those close to you who are going to help you move into some other view. This may be about an opportunity or advice that somehow shows you that it DOES pay to think good thoughts and to go with the flow when things stop you or delay where you thought you would be. Magic is showing and you will make connections later in the day that help you see you already planted the seed of what NOW is manifesting. This will either support you or will sting you as a way to get you seeing that you are what you eat, speak and think. We are to be noticing quick changes that respond to the view we see of them in our mind. So, if you get lost or stopped, SEE that this is here to align you with something that will feel like a gift. See that all of this is to bring excitement and YOU waking up to all the MORE you can do with your life. Doors are opening in response to you seeing them in your mind. Use your power and speak about what you want to see. Make this shift and it all will change dramatically! You got this! Put it out there and it HAS to be what comes back to you.

You also may have someone who is here to test you and to pull you off your game. Be strong with the illusion and understand that people with big emotional waves of pain JUST NEED YOU seeing for healing or miracles that come around future corners. See that you are not here to match them and put them in their place. Just observe and allow it to move through you as a vision for something better arriving on their plate. Use your energy to bring hope to things with those who confuse you. You are what you eat! Don’t eat them or take on what just needs you seeing this as a healed thing. This is all you need to do to create a better life for you.

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