JUNE 8 | Wednesday

There are some serious warnings with this energy because you are going back into an old situation, likely that deals with your mother or someone who has similar traits. A trigger is here to see if you can walk the inner work you have been doing on yourself in NOT wanting to be affected by others to the point you end up an emotional mess and fixated into the dysfunction that people bring. You don’t have to absorb what comes your way and today wants you putting up a boundary and seeing the writing on the wall SO THAT you don’t walk into this familiar trap that keeps you in a lower manifesting level. For this reason, today is important and it just needs you being the love and seeking for harmony OVER the war of needing to be right or wanting to put others in their place. You also may see a repeating pattern that you promised yourself you would do better when the next opportunity came to test you. Today that test comes around again, and you DO got it in you to BE the love and to show that you have changed. There may be something that comes out of the blue but that will help you keep on believing. Expect that things come full circle and you will be okay. Soften and flow into harmony. You don’t got to fight.


Planet Suggestions:

Neptune: There is illusion and confusion. Use your body to feel out the truth.
Jupiter: Something wants to grow or show. Expand and move into things.

Numerology Vibration:

0: Something returns. Do this better. Show that you have changed.
2: Do what you can to create peace and harmony.

Moon Phase:

            1ST Quarter: Start to get the ball rolling. (left side)

Moon Degrees:

            25 Virgo to 7 Libra

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