JUNE 7 | Tuesday

Today needs you holding steady and NOT GIVING UP on something that is yet to produce but that IS a new desire on how you want your life to NEXT be. So, be aware that things can come in that get you doubting if you really can accomplish what you are hoping to see manifest. Be strong and keep putting the pieces together because real soon this will start to make sense! One of the pieces will show you that you ARE on the correct path. But something about your old programming will creep in and get you wanting to go low with your interpretations on what this all means. BUT – if you can stay busy of body and pure of mind, this challenge will stop squeezing you and you WILL soon see that there is another side revealing and offering you clues about how close you are getting to your goals. Something will start shining the light REAL SOON and it’s just on you to keep the faith and don’t judge what first needs to be put into place that will help other things come closer. Keep your thoughts on glass half full and magnetize what you dream for. See that you are drawing something in and DON’T LET GO.


Planet Suggestions:


Numerology Vibration:

1: Energy is moving, and things are coming to the surface.
9: Something is coming to an end or needs to transform into another view

Moon Phase:

            1ST Quarter: Start to get the ball rolling. (left side)

Moon Degrees:

            12 to 24 Virgo

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