JUNE 4 | Saturday

Today is going to bring much insight and answers about what you need to do to create more joy in your life or to bring about radical change that sets things straight. Others are going to get in the way, and it is on you to value yourself and NOT bite with what they are thrusting into your atmosphere. This is a test where you are to dance with others where you acknowledge the writing on the wall and DO NOT keep falling back into old patterns that deal with you giving away your power or not really allowing your heart to speak about things. You need to make yourself a priority and to not get carried away by others. You also may be pulled into focus with your kids or with children, and they are a mirror in some way showing you something you need to see. Be on the alert for an answer to come that gets you feeling valuable and as if you really can believe in the dream. What shows is a match to the value you believe you deserve from life. And investments are here to show you that you are worth more than your past got you believing. Surprise! Allow this to spoil you and let you know that you ARE special and deserving of exciting things.


Planet Suggestions:

Venus: What is expresses is what you really feel about yourself. You may feel small and insignificant, or you may feel in love with life. This is a clue to help you.
Uranus: Things are coming that are a surprise or that bring sudden change. Expect the unexpected – but expect the best!

Numerology Vibration:

1: Energy is moving, and things are coming to the surface.
6: Be the love. Work to create an understanding.
7: Others are in the picture, and they are affecting you.

Moon Phase:

            NEW: Plant the seeds. (right side)

Moon Degrees:

            6 to 17 Leo

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