JUNE 2 | Thursday

A big hit comes today that deals with something getting you to doubt yourself. See that this is just a test to get you to stand up for yourself and NOT be so cruel because you aren’t where you think you should be – or that you think others receive and you get nothing. Wait and grow a better life from what provokes you to be your own best friend about things. If you fall down and go back to old patterns that you thought you had healed, just set the bones straight and talk about the story of how you WILL heal and you WILL rise when the time is right. Be nice to yourself! You are doing the best that you can!! Allow what breaks you down to be what gets you starting over in declaring how you need things to be. It’s okay to act crabby if it’s all taking too long and the song is tired and old and what you can’t handle for ONE MORE minute. But then get back up and KNOW that an answer is on the way SOON. Get grumpy if you have to – but then get back up and fight for the life you dream for. Start over today in how you work for a better foundation to hold you. Know that things ARE growing and will show soon.


Planet Suggestions:

Chiron: a wound gets hit to test you to get back up and believe in yourself.


Numerology Vibration:

1: Energy is moving, and things are coming to the surface.
4: There is a test here that is to help you grow.
5: Change is here, and it can have you feeling uncertain.


Moon Phase:

            NEW: Plant the seeds. (right side)


Moon Degrees:

            12 to 23 Cancer


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