JUNE 11 | Saturday

Holy wow! This day is EPIC, and it comes with the heart of the matter and the truth slamming into us so that we can make the changes and step into the new path we have been working on this whole year. Today brings a sign that helps you know where you stand in getting you to the new world ways – and out of the old world that is keeping you in the fear and hatred vibrations. Why would you ever allow your precious self to be exposed to those things?! It is only from our woundedness that we allow ourselves to go low with life and to absorb it to the point we can’t even see straight. Today will shock you alive and it shows if you are home and in the new spaces – or, WHAT you still need to work on. Healing is a super long journey. Today exposes the results of a test – and now you really know. Face this and keep pressing into it so that it transforms into something lighter that will inspire you. We just need to accept and trust the open gateways that pull us into detective mode where we CAN find and source what moves us into a better area in life. Look, listen and grow from what you see.


Planet Suggestions:

Venus: What expresses is what you really feel about yourself. You may feel small and insignificant, or you may feel in love with life. This is a clue to help you.
Uranus: Things are coming that are a surprise or that bring sudden change. Expect the unexpected – but expect the best!

Numerology Vibration:

1: Energy is moving, and things are coming to the surface.
4: There is a test here that is to help you grow.
5: Change is here, and it can have you feeling uncertain.

Moon Phase:

            1ST Quarter: Start to get the ball rolling. (left side)

Moon Degrees:

            5 to 19 Scorpio


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