JUNE 10 | Friday

Be aware that you can really feel down about the state of the world and how wrong it is being managed. This energy can show up as the trickster who wants you feeling low so as to not really keep moving through things in order to grow the strength to OVERCOME THEM. So know that there may be a dip in the road that has you full of doubts and insecurities. You may find yourself staring off like when in trauma and too many things are moving through your system. You may feel OFF. But this is something you need to keep moving through. The beginning of the cave is not like the middle or the end. It all is movie screens getting you to feel certain things – but you ultimately need to let go of control and allow something to just be. It IS transforming into something better, so you just don’t need to get stuck in the potholes of trying to know it all and get to some balanced understanding that will allow you to feel free. You just need to go with the flow and allow it to take you to places where you need to SEE. This is a roller coaster ride that needs you letting things go and allowing this other process to play out. The end is not here! This is birthing a better beginning. Breathe and keep moving into the dark spaces that NEED YOU looking.


Planet Suggestions:

Pluto: Life can feel heavy and deep, and you may feel that other things are controlling you.


Numerology Vibration:

1: Energy is moving, and things are coming to the surface.
3: Things are moving, and people are coming together.
4: There is a test here that is to help you grow.

Moon Phase:

            1ST Quarter: Start to get the ball rolling. (left side)

Moon Degrees:

            22 Libra to 4 Scorpio


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