MAY 23 | Monday

The mirror gets even clearer today! Be humble and compassionate and open as you see things that get you feeling all the feels! This day is a mixed bag of really emotional situations that others are going through and that also get you feeling a certain way.

One of the things about Taos that I don’t like is that there are SO MANY unconscious wealthy people there (especially covid inspired new residents) and SO MANY people struggling. Every single day that I leave my home, I come into contact with extreme pain and suffering. Natives in their 70’s walk miles to the food donation boxes just hoping that somebody is reaching out and sharing some of their abundance. I’ve seen people wailing in tears as they left a donation food box that had no food. I’ve seen them crying walking back home talking out loud about how they don’t know what to do. I give away every dollar I make to help those around me see that someone cares and is looking out for them. -- And because of my leaking pipes, I don’t really have that much to give! And it is SO overwhelming being a Pisces and constantly taking on that energy – especially as the wealthy either try to hide their money and act like they are common -- or just by looking the other way and thinking that people deserve what they get. It’s easy to hold that mentality when you are on top and not having to struggle with money.

This energy is waking us up to wanting to extend our hands in any way we can and to show people that they are not alone in the struggle of life. We start empowerment fires in others by inspiring them to see that things can be done. I used to give $20 away every day to someone that crossed my path in order to plant a seed that others care in these community supportive ways.

When you feel overwhelmed that so many are in pain, DO SOMETHING, even if sending them a prayer that someone will step up and do something to show them compassion. The reason our hearts are feeling so much right now is because we all need to step up and do what we can if we can do something. We need to stop escaping and hiding the ways we COULD make a difference. We have to feel in order to become better peoples, because if we stay mental, we become cold and brittle and detached from what brings life to life. We all are in this human journey learning to be community minded with each other.

Today is a gift in letting you know that YOU can do SOMETHING to help keep another afloat and believing in the dream of better days. What feels like a wave slamming into you JUST NEEDS YOU shifting from mental, in finding ways to NOT reach out and assist others, into heart focused that feels the struggle of being human --and won’t walk away pretending something isn’t happening.

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