MAY 22 | Sunday

Okay! The past four days were full of tests that deal with us handling the pressure or depression of life and STILL seeking for a solution or something to make things right. With our old ways, we go down with the ship and don’t fight for a better life. With our new ways, we embrace the challenges as we do our all to stay afloat and not buy into thinking things are out to hurt us.

GRANTED, Karma is a reality – and we get back what we put out there. Even though the Karma we dish out doesn’t swing back into our lives until we reach 28!! -- So, if we have hurt others, we will be hurt in the same ways. If we have stolen things, things will be stolen from us. If we have worked to discredit people, people will discredit us. There is a circle always in motion that is delivering on the top what you dish out there at the bottom. But, in a general way, your life is orchestrated from this higher plan that is getting your soul to experience specific teachings that are bootcamp until you pass them.

RIGHT NOW, we are waking to some aspect that keeps repeating where we need to see a higher reason for how it is motivating us to go for more in life. When you knock into what is holding you back, BECAUSE OF YOU, something is to come that gets you seeing YOU DO HAVE A HOME IN THE WORLD. -- And it is responding to all that you say and do!!!

This is when people will really be waking up to their patterns and to how they contribute to what is causing them pain. Even with my house that had the leaking and backed-up pipes – I TOO have had a backed-up life where I haven’t been caught up in years. I have been in the background and dealing with SO MUCH CONSTANT PRESSURE because of what is not moving as it should. I got into the house to see it as a mirror and to see how being this way cuts off the prosperity flow. Yes, my house situation crushed me and pushed me even further backwards – but in the higher plan, I manifested this home in order to see what I am doing to my life through also operating in a backed-up way where all these other things NEED ME TO FACE THEM.

We are not victims to what we manifest and it’s time to upgrade our interpretations so that we still allow our journey to be one of learning and not punishment. If you cheat on someone, someone else will cheat on you! So, when that happens, you can’t take it like you are a victim because you are merely seeing what you caused another to also feel. The mirror is always here and it’s time for us to see higher into the plan that is getting us to upgrade and be better. See that you are an important student of life -- and work towards doing and being what you wish to see as your future reality. Give as if you will also receive – because you will, eventually.

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