MAY 20 | Friday

OKAY THEN. Yesterday was a warning about what is building TODAY. So how you ended things yesterday is going to be like reinforcement to what grows even stronger today. This is why it’s great to have these readings early and to follow the guidance closely even if you don’t really understand what it all means. All our steps are walking us up the mountain and closer to our dreams.

BUT – the road is to be windy because our egos think one thing, as per what we have seen in the past and through the lens of the collective expectations. But the real road is to be wildly unpredictable and where we often lose our grounding in order to FIND something important. The mainstream world will want you to believe that you made a mistake by losing your grounding, but in the non-linear space of actual life, we really ONLY LEARN from what we think of as mistakes. Think about that! If it all is too easy, we don’t learn the value of a job completed or an experience that gets us to stand up stronger and show the world what we got.

This energy wants you facing the strength training and doing what you can to push yourself beyond where you THINK you can go. You ARE to come up with some clue today that gets you seeing the error of your ways, but with encouragement in wanting to correct this ship and do what you can to NOT stay in some pothole where all you do is punish yourself! We are NOT to be negative about what we are having to learn the hard way. We are to feel proud of ourselves for finally doing this and for now committing to a new way of being where we assimilate the problems with a vision on seeing that this situation HAD TO BE THIS WAY in order to get us to the next levels. We need the push and pull and the tug of war. It IS what gets us to take life seriously and to put more energy into passing the tests that take us to the limits.

As you all know, my home in Taos ended up being SO TOXIC. I actually asked the landlord the 2nd month of living there if there could possibly be pipes leaking under the house – as I got the intuitive hit that something was going on. It wasn’t officially discovered until I paid for the plumber to look at them while he was snaking my pipes for the 3rd time in 1.5 years. Go look up Feng Shui and leaking pipes to understand the DEVESTATION I put my career and finances in by moving into this home. Even with Instagram, I only grew organically and never went down in followers UNTIL my 2nd month of living in this house – and they have ONLY gone down since then. Granted, I don’t promote and haven’t paid to play as all the other big accounts do, but there was a big shift the moment I moved into this home.

This is something that I have needed to face but was so in love with my neighborhood and friends around me, so I just kept working harder and trying to dig my way out of what DID feel like it was pulling money and energy down the drain. But when I eventually hit bottom into the truth of the matter, I finally grew the steam to open to a new home supporting me. Honestly, I should have made this decision a year earlier. I knew something was off, but I didn’t want to face the truth.

So, realize that YES you may have been looking the other way about challenges in your life, but when you finally accept what has happened and how it’s changed your view on things, all you can do is go up from there and with this new vibration that wants to make things better. We can’t help what sidelines us or pushes us down the mountain, but we CAN get up stronger and even more determined when we finally awaken and accept that THIS WAS HERE to teach you how to be better and value yourself more. Don’t dig your graves deeper. Accept and rise higher from what humbles you to face the challenging things you don’t often want to see.

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