MAY 18 | Wednesday

Today is going to offer you some sort of experience where you see things moving forward or the light comes to shine a new view of what you were incorrectly thinking about something from your past. This may deal with you only seeing how something hurt you and now you will see how everyone got hurt.

The point of view is changing for the purpose of opening your heart and getting you to work towards understanding where others are coming from – which is what you so desire others to do with you. Where you have felt in need of being seen and showing how you have changed and are not who you used to be – you also will be seeing how others wish the same. Something is throwing us up against a mirror so we can really realize that we see things as we are, and others are just wanting us to see them in an upgraded way. Expect to see through the illusion where you are feeling for others as you want them to feel for you.

You may notice that you are able to go deeper in understanding the pain others are showing through outbursts or ways that you used to interpret with judgment, shame and blame. This is going to be heart opening and it really is that we first have to find compassion for others who are breaking apart so that we too can allow the process to bring us to a new personal view. Where you allow others to show what they want you to see, you then will be able to have others see you from this better view. This means you may see people come out of nowhere with these new behaviors and it’s on you to hold the space for them to walk a new talk and show that they have changed. EXPECT to somehow run into someone where you CAN take the old road and crush them for the mistakes they have made, OR you can see that they are turning over a new leaf and are giving YOU permission to do the same.

We are learning how to walk our talk and to accept that with age we discover clarity on who we really want to be for others. We all made mistakes and we all are here to show that no one has to be held to what they did when they didn’t know any better. Walk this experience with forgiveness for another and you will attract those who also want to give YOU a second chance. What you give, you will get back. So be loving as you see others deeply in the fractures of what they created from their unconscious selves. Something will return in order for you to walk this experience with peace in the mind and a desire to show others that we all can rebuild and do this better. Don’t crush anyone unless you want everyone else to crush you too. Be loving and they will be loving with you. You must walk this first in order to attract what celebrates you moving higher up the mountain. Make the space for others to grow better and you will have space made for you to SOAR to greater heights.

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