Uranus. South Node. Saturn. Neptune. LUNAR ECLIPSE in SCORPIO

Oh moon! We love when you show up as a LUNAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio! We LOVE that you are finally getting us to look at how much people and things from our past are still influencing what we believe we can have in our future. This time is to break you apart from chasing what others want you to believe, and to bring you back home to your truth rising and shining free.

You may feel super low and in the debt of what you created from moves in your past, but still, grow stronger in knowing you must face this in order to see it transform into a new life story or pattern. We can’t just evolve without doing the work. This time is evolving you so that you face how wrong others were, but where you realize you don’t have to keep singing that song. You don’t have to keep giving it attention and falling in line with how it has impacted you in negative ways.

We are to think as if parts of our life are on fire, and we have to grab what is most valuable to us. We have to take what matters most and make lemonade from what isn’t working or that got lost in the shuffle of life. Many of you will be feeling in super strong ways that pull you into the fear of the unknown or into using your mind in ways that only see for the worst. This time wants to strengthen you so that you wake up and go for love and what feels good to you. It’s about recognizing what no longer supports you dreaming for what feels possible in your heart.

Some things feel like they suck the life out of you and keep you in the fear of what could be. -- And other things make you want to recreate a better way, where you return into something that you now have passion for BECAUSE of what awakens in you about what needs to be let go of in order to make space for this new crop to grow.

What stands in the way needs your voice drawing boundaries around what you now feel you need. Don’t let others chop you down and get you feeling small JUST BECAUSE you have acted obediently in your past. You are to come out of the lines and to do a risk of the heart BECAUSE something is bubbling out of you that needs things to be a different way.

You are drawing the outlines of what you now need and then it is on the great mystery to fill that in. But do be strong like a peacock and clear with your intentions on how the outlines need to be. This time wants you letting go of the old world stories that shape your future THROUGH shifting into new patterns and ways of being that bring you into contact with mama earth, friendships, community, the creative arts, a simple life, and good food that makes your body feel happy.

We are to walk the new ways RIGHT NOW as we carve out new patterns to support New Earth being our way. Every one of you should be letting things go right now and opening to what feels valuable and true. Start new and you will see a new life that brings creativity, joy and romance to your reality. It’s all about the new and about YOU waking to seeing that you are good enough to manifest all the love. You deserve a bounty and your heart on sleeve will attract you what you need. Be clear. Be loud. Be true about what you feel. And draw those outlines exactly how YOU want them to be. Don’t stay in mediocracy. Stand bold in your individuality.

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