Wednesday 18 October

Well hello W E D N E S D A Y! 

The energy of yesterday lingers into today, so read that one again! We are in a tight squeeze that is getting us to choose for better things. Do not be fooled into thinking anything is wrong as this is just getting you to write a new story about what can potentially be. We have to empty out in order to really see that we need things better because we have grown so complacent and downright afraid to make any moves out of what has become a comfortable place. Most people are really afraid of change at this time. 

Do be aware that something in your mind needs you to believe that this can come true even though you have no proof just yet that it WILL. You should have new desires inside that are connecting old dreams to your new reality. You may be thinking of things you always wanted to do but never did or will remember what really does bring you joy. 

We are simplifying to bring more abundance and letting go in order to create space for new seeds. So know that somewhere in the equation something needs to go to the donation center or something needs to no longer be a part of your life in order for the new to grow and show.  So space MUST be made in order to get to the new lands of our dreams. We have to lighten the loads and do more that is not a sure bet but where inside we feel like THIS is our mountain to climb. EXPECT to need to take a leap of faith and to believe in yourself even though this move WILL place you in midair with no past to hold onto as you wait to land into the new that WILL hold you.

Do know that when you risk it all to create a better life for yourself and those who depend on you, things WILL work out. It is in the current energy, and for some reason, we all are being asked to let go of what appears to be safe when inside we feel this other thing about what we now need to see in our futures. That nagging feeling inside that says something better is just outside the lines is TRUTH. ALL of us jump around this day and it is what carves out our better days. So listen within and TRUST what you feel because you are moving into a superhero position that WILL get to the other side safely. Don’t focus on all the steps that could be, just see the end result and leap with love in your heart KNOWING you will be just fine, and you WILL have an amazing story to share when you land on the other side. Be here in this moment AND see for the final manifested dream. Don’t waste your energy on ANYTHING in between because THAT is what could confuse you into a freeze.

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