Tuesday 17 October


Well hello T U E S D A Y! 

OKAY! Now today is going to bring you some sort of information that gets you starting your life over in a new way. You may be hearing what you have been needing to see that now shows you which direction will bring you peace. 

We all are in clashing situations with things that WERE good enough in our past but as we rise in vibration, we see that we need hella more. SO -- you will feel stuck wherever things are NOT okay. DO NOT judge the stuck as being a bad thing, because without it, you would fly along into a future, that was the same as your past, and things would continue to loop you in the same manifestations. 

So the stuck feeling is getting you to look around and see what you need to let go of. What I say with BEA healings is that the BAD side, which is really not bad, is that you may come out of a session unable to do what you were doing before IF it is not honoring and for your best. So when I free people to really rise into their power, suddenly they can't do the old jobs, can't do the posting and marketing and all the things that keep them from being the authority holder creating offerings to express their gifts. Suddenly, they feel stuck and with no energy. 

So we all have to expect that when getting BEA 5D energy healings OR collective upgrades that hit all of humanity, that we are going to look back at what we created and now say, OH HELL NO, absolutely not. Just like you don’t drive the same car you had at 16 when you are 30 because you want a nicer vehicle and something that really holds the upgraded versions of your evolving self. We don’t still eat the foods or do the things we loved when we were 8 years old when we get to 40. So just as we age and choose differently, so do we when we rise in vibration. 

3D was when you thought there was not enough to go around, so you were desperate and lowering of your standards. With 5D vibrations, you only want the best and what really feels good and loving in your body. If it feels prickly or makes you feel uneasy, it is NOT for the you that you are growing into. Change is the way of 5D, and levels are temporary steps going up into better ways of living. So embrace what now feels so utterly off because it just is a sign saying it's time to level up because YOUR vibration is going higher -- and that is the whole point of being here now. We ALWAYS feel icky when it is time to rise, so be grateful that your time is coming because it will eventually feel divine.


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