Thursday 26 October

Okay loves! Here we go showing how quickly the tides can change. Something comes later today that gets you feeling fired up and ready to get back into life. You may have felt like you were merged the last few days and consumed into things that kept you pretty out of it. But now the lights are back on and you are going to feel driven to focus on what was inspired in you over the last 4 days. 

Do be aware that others are slow to rise because of how confusing the last days were and with no support in knowing WHAT was going on. Since you have the readings, you are supported with the wisdom of the WHY. Those without are operating on another timeline and therefore be aware that they may not see you in the world, so you need to be the one who is watching it all. It means people can JUST be focused on taking a turn on the road and NOT on making sure no one is in their way. We can be a bit self-absorbed and in our heads and therefore we need to be watching out for others still in a daze. You also may see that they are mad and frustrated and you again need to be the one NOT taking on the energy of others just because they are around you. People can REALLY feel down and they are like dominoes that you need to step away from. 

There also will be something that comes in to MOVE you. However this plays out, it’s time to put yourself into a new position, so welcome what inspires you to grow and don’t be surprised if you are looping back into old situations where the wiser you is going to ROCK this. You may be surprised to be going back to what you left but if this door opens, walk through it. This is also showing that we NEVER really know in life what things mean or whether we will return to places we thought were complete. So if you are looping back. KNOW this needs you again -- but now with who you have grown into. You needed all the mountain journey lessons that just went round and round -- and now something about your changed version will go UP where you also traveled in your past.

This feels more exciting than anything else, so go where you are called to be and trust your unique journey. What is a yes will feel like it in a very strong way. You may even be surprised at how passionate you feel that this is a yes. Just be stoked that you are learning the lessons of 2 steps forward and then maybe 3 steps backward before you go forward again. It all is to give you the best chance to be your best version as you walk the important lessons in life. To be pulled back is to refine the energy you possess so that when the gate really opens you ARE an authority. Something about this learning hits us hard at this time and we start celebrating that NOTHING wants us showing up uncooked – so all steps backward are to be embraced for the time they offer us to get our lives put straight.


Have a day that has you feeling stoked to be alive!
Love, KV

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