Thursday 19 October

Well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Listen closely today! There are messages that want to get you to believe in what you feel and not stay confused because you take on too many other opinions of people who would NEVER do what you are dreaming of doing. So know that it is best to share your ideas only with those who you think would make them too. We can get really stuck in limbo if we keep going to others and allowing their fears to stop us in our tracks. So write out your plans and only share what you see yourself doing if you really feel inside like these people  will support you. 

ALSO, we are in relationship dances with others where we are learning to empower over disempower, and also where we can be with our own drama and NOT smear it into others' lives. You may see someone come into your lane today and it can make you furious that they dropped lower vibrations into what you planned to be high vibes only. People can get really mad at how others come in and change their day. 

But see that the test is on YOU not getting mad and instead learning to just let it roll off of you. It is a good day to say, oh the person tailgating so close MUST be racing to the hospital and is in danger! We need to see the person who just cut us off and almost caused an accident as having a stroke and being unable to steer the car safely – so good on them for doing what they can do! We are learning to BE COMPASSIONATE WITH ALL even when they piss us off to high heaven. 

The point is, WE need to not get so pissed and we need to even make up positive reasons for their “insanity”. We need to stop going glass half empty on why others are doing what they are doing and instead see that they are losing it because they need help -- and mostly, they need to see compassionate and loving beings who give them way and don’t persecute them for behaving badly. We all have temper tantrums in the world over our interactions with too many strangers doing things we can't control. So we need to BE different humans around them. Today is a great day to be tested and to show up as someone who understands the pain of being human in a world where those with power just want everyone else WITHOUT power. So it is time when the people who are rising in vibration take over WHAT others see as the potential. This is the call for us to pay attention and to give love and assistance in whatever ways we can. 

I was in the grocery store yesterday and there was this young man who lives on the streets who was in there being escorted out by a worker who said, man, you need to get back on your meds! And that WAS SO WRONG to do because you could see it really set the person off.  So instead of just leaving, I went and voiced a complaint to management that the workers need to handle people like that in a much more respectful way. How dare he say, you need to get back on your meds -- as that is only going to fire up the person who has mental issues BECAUSE this world can feel so fucked up, hurtful and unfair. 

This is just an example of how WE need to be the ones doing what is right -- and we CAN NOT expect anyone else EXCEPT OURSELVES to be the people doing this. No more looking the other way. It is YOU that everyone is waiting for. So stand up, defend, protect and show that YOU ARE HERE.

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