Sunday 22 October

Well hello S U N D A Y! 

So there are lots of things hitting our awareness at this time, and this really is a trial by fire to keep us SEEKING for there being SOME solution or relief from what is wildly out of balance. Just like how I tell you whenever big lunar occurrences happen with Libra, we always see the antithesis of peace. NEVER has it been soft and easygoing, like Libra humans try to be. Libra in strong focus always presents war and chaos. 

What we need to see about this is that when the shit hits the fan, we HAVE to see this as us now needing to hold the vibration of correction. We ARE NOT to stay in the low vibration of what we see and to hold the disgust at how incorrect and hurtful so many without empathy can be. It does not serve a thing if we sit in the muck of what has been created by the heartless and the power-focused. If your toilet has overflowed and is backed up, do you just sit looking at it and get down that this has happened, walking away and only stewing in the juices of upset. Or, do you seek for a solution and race to figuring out how to NOT have this be the reality. 

So take what your eyes are forced to see, that can be WAY too much to process, and just see that there MUST be a solution. See that all CANNOT be lost, and some higher way will come from enough of us holding views of better days. See that you are POWERFUL and not that you are a nobody. When you have BEA healings, you naturally start to value yourself and therefore it’s hard to believe that there are no ways out. With 5D energies in our bodies, we KNOW we have seen so many surprises in our past where things came in at the last minute to save us, so THAT is where we place our focus. On the best and on OBVIOUSLY being protected on this journey. This is a priceless and cherished state of being and it’s possible for all of you to be there. 

You also may hear of an opportunity, or someone will reach out to say, HEY look at this. Today IS a part of the puzzle that arrives to fill something in for you. So be out and about and with your head up. Answer the phone today or just expect to collide with what you next need to see. All the testing to get you staying calm and grounded with the recent storms of TOO MUCH to take into your mind is now starting to reward people with pieces that upgrade and show YOU DO have a place in the world. This is the energy of turning a corner or seeing your whole world change from something connecting through groups of people or with sudden opportunities. This feels like when an influencer talks about you and then BOOM your world grows 10 times bigger. So SEE that something wonderful is on the way – and it really does have to be.

Have an informed and inspired day!
Love, KV

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