Saturday 21 October

Well hello S A T U R D A Y!

And hold on, loves! We are in some seriously powerful times, where we are aligning with others and things are coming straight for us. BUT. You need to be in close contact with your energy and making sure that you are staying high vibe in what may feel like waves crashing in on you one after the other. STILL, be kind in your mind. You are THE ONLY PERSON who is in control of having your back and supporting you across this precarious bridge we all are on. 

Think about crossing an old rope bridge in the jungle. Imagine that you are in the middle and are starting to freak out about not being able to do this. But remember that IF you talk negatively in your mind, you MOST LIKELY will slip through a step and fall to your demise. You know this. You know that in a situation like that, you will have to be like, I CAN DO THIS I CAN DO THIS I CAN DO THIS. You would need to put yourself into a laser focus with one step at a time and HOPE in your mind. So look at life right now and see that it IS dangerous at this point!! We need your utmost attention and honoring that you are vibrating something that is contributing to what sort of seeds are being planted.

Now you very well may find yourself in something that feels like war, or it is NOT what you had hoped for. It may feel like the 7 of Swords with all these things pointing at you where you are trying to get cover and NOT be so affected by others. No matter what the struggle, SEE for a solution and something amazing happening to show that this needed to be on the way to getting you up the mountain. 

What is MOST BEST about BEA energy healings is that we quickly start to notice that we can handle chaos in a whole other way. Before BEA we forget that we are safe and we lose it every time we start to tumble down the mountain, which then makes it worse. After BEA we become seen-it-done-it and somehow, we just relax through the low times and stop flailing around doing more damage. After BEA we don’t like the struggles, but we are ready to move through them with full on attention and focus on getting to the other side. Before BEA we stop in fight, flight or freeze and start dreaming up more stories of struggle. After BEA we know we can handle it all and our vibration DOES NOT dip into visions of lower manifestations.

So today, even if you have not had a BEA healing yet, be like us and do your all to see that you are so entirely where you need to be and this moment just wants you to vibrate peace – or, how you WANT things to eventually be. Don’t go down with ships, BE the inner tube that rises to the top no matter what. You WILL like the view from here so much more anyway!


 Have an informed and inspired day!  
Love, KV

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