Monday 23 October

Well hello M O N D A Y! 

We have quite a week in store for us – and whatever happens today sets the theme. For this reason, be aware that we are on the tightrope and need to stay focused and fixated into seeing that there WILL be a solution – even if we can’t yet see it. Many of you are seeing things break wide open and you just need to believe that you are learning a new relationship dance dynamic where you are working for peace instead of war. It’s where we are learning to talk things out and believe that this situation plays a part at moving things along into a better direction. 

We are in the catalyst energy for all of October where we are being asked to trust that things sometimes only change when we feel that life is being squeezed out of us. This time is getting you to show up as someone who KNOWS not to dip your toes into what could trigger you to express lower sides of your personality. BUT. When they show, you have the opportunity to SEE what needs to change – and that is a gift.

So yes, something may come today with someone who wants to set the story straight, and it MAY provoke you to want to fight. So, let’s stop and start asking questions about why you need to get your 2 cents in or be understood when this pattern shows up AGAIN in your life. To change patterns we have to be in the old stimulation that gets us doing wrong -- and we have to WALK the situation as the new pattern. We only can change when we get that opportunity again to go our old way OR finally step into a new expression of how we WANT to be. We need the test in order to pass. And just because you haven't passed the test for decades and after constant testings doesn’t mean the next time isn’t the last time. Just know, you can’t escape from what you need to see as it will keep finding you so that you finally do what you need to be. Tests are waves that crash in over and over UNTIL we finally learn to receive the waves in different ways. 

Today DO NOT fight back -- and do everything to keep your system from wanting to put another in their place. This energy SO wants you to learn -- and it is going to fully take the next few days from you and consume you in misery IF you do what you have always done before. It is time to show that you have changed.

If you do what you KNOW you would rather do, something comes to reward you over the next 48 hours that deals with an answer or upgrade to your situation. So make THIS TIME when you really do draw healthy boundaries -- and don’t keep going low because you aren't feeling heard or supported just yet. BE the energy you want to see – and it will eventually be.

 Have a supported and empowered day!
Love, KV


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