Friday 28 October

Well hello F R I D A Y! 

We are rising into the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus tomorrow afternoon -- and you should all feel like some sort of big shift is about to reveal insight into which direction to go. ALL of you have felt torn with too many options as you appraise too many potential direction results. To say that the people are splattered is an understatement. But I also want us to remember that when 5G was created, we were warned that it would turn everyone ADHD and with little power because they would become too distracted and fried in the brain. Like, 5G was supposed to scatter us and make us lost souls who think we CAN'T make a difference. 

And just like with so much that we see from colonizers huffing and puffing their way through egoic acts of destruction, we become frozen because we can't figure out how to make a difference. What I DO KNOW is that NONE OF YOU need to go low vibe because YOU ARE POWERFUL, and if we vibrate fear and hatred, we just create space for more fear and hatred to take footing. And for about 50 days now, we have been in the trenches learning to HOLD DIFFERENT ENERGIES when we process horrifying news. We have been learning to not go low because low waves come our way -- but to instead see for the high waves that will be created from the provocation of the low. 

What we are seeing is NOT asking us to give up and allow those to dominate us into submission. We are NOT being asked to stay quiet, we are being asked to SEE for better solutions. 

So. How do we handle 5G and witnessing the mass murder of innocent people and babies? Take in what you can to inform yourself and then you have GOT to get away from it and start holding love as you see for solutions. 5G needs you taking regular breaks and putting your feet to the earth or your eyes to nature views. We need to get out of our homes and into more meditation where the roof above us is the sky. We need to be doing loving things with people we love. And basically, we need to do everything that DOES NOT keep repeating the story of the horrifying things being done by people with no empathy. If we keep hating what we see, we keep planting seeds for it to grow. YES, we HATE so much of what we are seeing in the world, but we cannot hold hate in order to see for a better day. It does not work that way. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY you can hate your way to bliss and peace. What you hold, you get more of.

So understand that you holding love and compassion is doing more than hating THEM – whoever them is to you. And hating them is holding hatred in your body that thinks you are talking about yourself. So it's a lose-lose to ever go low on others doing lowly things. It's a magnet of the highest capacity. And I’m not so sure that ALL OF THIS that we have seen since 2016 is NOT just a part of the game to keep us vibing hatred and anger – and NOT creating the change we want to see. I think the ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER is all part of a choreographed story put into place to distract us one by one so that we ALL lose our power.


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