Friday 20 October

Well hello F R I D A Y! 

BE READY for this most powerful day!!!! We now have a small gateway where our energy is able to ground into reality from the emotions we are experiencing. You are to be feeling something over needing more stability and wanting to start over with a pattern that deals with your childhood programming. Many are seeing how they are held back because of what was in their roots that contaminated their potentials. At this time, we are able to see what went so wrong AND write a whole new story on how our future will be nothing like our past – and it will be fully planted TODAY.

This means be on alert for high emotions guiding you into making better decisions for your future. They are here to show what is a NO and what is an oh hell yes. You have every right to choose for what feels good in your body and you CAN expect that all the best is what comes next for you in life. 

You CAN vibrate something that does not have all the answers but still fully trusts in the process and KNOWS you are safe as long as you believe you are safe. Like, something is hitting us hard where we get that we have to see ourselves in better circumstances in order to plant the seed for that potential. Think about that. All that you want to see as your reality, in contrast to what it is today, manifests through you getting up and dancing over the thought of FINALLY being where you want to be.

NOT sitting in the nightmare and bitching about how awful it is – but sitting in that pain and still getting up to dance over the thought of relief and shifts of cycles that bring us to what we dream. Don’t forget that the dream births from the pain of not having it. So it is the seed being planted and it is an essential step in actually growing something! Without seed, we stay numb and checked out and the same-same as the old world wants us to be. When you wake up to NOT wanting to be in this repeating struggle, you create a seed, and from that wanting, that goes on way longer than we expect it to be, something grows new. 

So LOVE the step of creation and stay focused on the end results and where you ultimately want to be. This energy now is more powerful than ANYTHING in terms of planting day. There is so much room for things to grow wild and to really deliver things quick and out of the blue that show our flow has changed and a new day is rising. So be conscious AF today as you listen to what you WANT and need as changed aspects of your day to day. You can have them all. You do not have to compromise. You do not have to hold back and stay small because you’ve never seen anyone walk your talk. It is for YOU to walk -- and therefore you MUST talk like it is already happening. Today go glass half full in ALL that arrives with visions that anything can be rebuilt and nothing is too far gone. NOW go create from that truth of knowing. You are SAFE even if it feels like everything is crumbling. From the rubble a better story will be told on how things need to be.



Have an informed and aware day!

Love, KV

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