friday 7 january

Okay then. Today is like yesterday where we face ways we have been limited in our views and over generalizing of what needs us lowering the heat and releasing friction within our own minds that keeps us lost in translation or illusion. For this reason, we will see something that is a mirror to what we have inside, and we are to NOT react in a negative way where we put someone down or see them as flawed, and instead take things inside to question why we have such a reaction to certain situations or behaviors in others. WHY do we need to defend ourselves or not allow another to have their own opinion? WHY do we feel specific resistance with certain groups of people or styles of things? WHY do we judge certain things as negative when other things get a free pass? WHY do certain things get our goat and other things don’t phase us?

We are facing our interpretations of things and we just need to keep an open mind and compassion at the forefront because what triggers us now is something that needs a new perspective and a huge dose of love from each one of us. If it is here and confusing you or getting you to feel sad, mad or hopeless, there is a new view for YOU to take which needs a new stance other than what you have been doing in your past. And what is blocked and blurred by polarity or division needs YOU coming out of the shadows and showing yourself in a higher way where love is what you are really working for. We can say that we are all about love, but if we still hate certain things, we can't be about love, and we are only about the idea of love – just like when intellectualizing something.

Your feelings are going to be stronger at this time and they steer you to more compassionate ways of expressing yourself. This also says that just because you believed something to be true years ago doesn’t mean it still applies. Change is rippling through this day in order to show you new views that get you stepping into a higher way of showing yourself to the world. This new view also may come from a sudden change that forces you into silence or into surrendering and letting go of trying to make things happen. If you feel lost and confused and with nowhere to go, just sit and keep your eyes on the horizon and in the wait for some solution to come. We are not looking into our old databases to understand current events, and for this reason you are being asked to NOT go back to the old ways, and to wait gracefully until the new sparks you into a direction that is clear and positive in how it makes you feel. Don’t move until it feels right – but don’t judge not moving as a bad thing because it is when you are to be struck by inspiration or some new light showing that you just needed to wait patiently and trust the Great Mystery.

7 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mars. Moon/Neptune.

MOON PLANNER: Mars. Neptune.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 18 to 30 Pisces



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