thursday 23 december

Good morning sweet beauties! Today is going to be about you stepping into a new space where you are aware of what you would love to do. It will have us reaching into spaces unknown and feeling like we want to go for more. You will either feel REAL sensitive and agitated, or REAL excited about the potential that abounds.

Do know that everything will feel bigger today and it is to take you down some rabbit hole that gets you seeing for a new solution with something that hasn’t been working. But this rabbit hole is a tight squeeze and for many the revealing of truth can feel a bit depressing or where you will wonder about something from your past being unforgivable or too far gone.

Be as neutral as you can be with what comes to the surface but know this deals with you making it known that YOU are important and that you don’t need to get lost in others thinking we are all doomed or there are too many limitations put in place. You are to stand within your own aura and feel out what YOU think is possible. Others are coming in to dampen your dreams, but this is just a test to get you strong about what you need to do to get up your mountain safely.

You MAY be choosing for a direction that others aren’t following, and if it feels right, it is right. You also are encouraged to do work that is creative and that takes you into meditative spaces because there are to be solutions that help move you forward or open you to a new side of things that you weren’t considering.

If something is taken away, instantly look at this as a blessing and start thinking of the ways this is a benefit. For example, my house has real old pipes, and they replaced the ones going to the street, but under the house they are not in good condition, so we’ve called the plumber 3 times since I’ve lived here. And my landlords have decided that I am responsible for paying the bill now – which isn’t what happens when you rent. But they are saying I am at fault. So, it cost $260 for 10 minutes of snaking the pipes – which was irritating to hear. But how I processed it was being thankful because I got him to find the boiler underneath the house and turn it up, so my water is hotter, with better baths in the future, and now my drains are working awesome, and I am SO lucky to have a rental because there are no rentals in Taos because house prices doubled or tripled, and everyone sold and kicked out the renters. I also used it as the first seed of a dream for buying my own home in the next few years. Paying for a service that homeowners are responsible for got me thinking about having my own home!

So, follow that same pattern where you digest challenges or obstacles or money being pulled away as SOMETHING that carries benefits. It is on you to see for the sunshine, and when you do, the sunshine will be what you see. OFTEN the experience is there JUST to get you seeing that you are not a victim and that you WILL find the way to overcome what seems to be trying to stop you.


23 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter.


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 17 to 29 Leo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

#14 Complete the dream.

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