monday 20 december

Okay loves! There is something important about today that will be even more important on the first New Moon on 2022 on January 2nd. So take note because it deals with how you dance with others and how that either gets you to process this negatively or positively. As we get older, people don’t faze us in the same ways. We can be so insecure and thinking everyone is watching us when we are younger and going into a store, and then we grow a few decades and don’t even think about such a thing. You just go in and shop.

The younger we are the more we are aware of what is around us and how that makes us feel valued or devalued. The older we get, the more we don’t care and aren’t even using our brains to work in that way. And WHAT REALLY grows this new response system? Self-love. It grows from loving yourself enough to not need others to affirm a thing to you. If they DO want to show praise, then we all love that. But if they show anything else, it's just like whatever. The older you get, the less amount of people you allow to be the judge of your value.

So honor where you are in needing others to be things that fill you up. Just pay attention to needing to make a switch in your brain in not seeing so much that devalues you, not interpreting things as your undoing or more proof that no one is EVER going to love you. Sit with your frustration of life, but sit patient and with love. It will not be the easiest thing to do! But the other choice is destroying your future and giving you more and more and more of what causes you pain. To be sovereign upon yourself, you need to be solid in the love you feel for yourself. And this energy wants you growing more boundaries that only allow in what helps you grow. But --- the “weeds” don’t need your resentment or hatred. They need you loving them for showing you the way. The ex-partners who did you wrong need you loving them for showing you how much better you deserve to be treated. But you aren’t to hate them out of your garden because doing so allows others of a similar vibration to confuse you in your future.

You may be asked to choose for yourself today in a dealing with another who brings an emotional load that could distract you. So, expect to need to choose for a better future by not giving your space away to something that has been on repeat that doesn’t really need to be your thing today. Don’t just follow along. Come out of the shadows and make it clear that you need your space to stay a certain way.

Keep your eyes peeled for support and for what feels like it helps you feel better in this moment. This is just one day, but it needs you making it clear that you have an idea that needs to be the leader on how this day flows. If you get overtaken and spread too thin, just be positive in knowing the next time this sort of day comes around you WILL stand up for yourself and say no to something. Be happy you can at least recognize what is a no. After the fact is better than not at all. See yourself this way, in seeing that you ARE growing and you ARENT getting things wrong. Talk like you love yourself and the Great Mystery will hear you.


20 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune.


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 11 to 22 Cancer



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