friday 31 december

Okay! This energy is going to get you going and it's on you to stay fluid in where you now will feel called to pursue something. Be aware that people are making quick moves and we need to be present in the moment because many are gunning it without really thinking and making sure the pathway is clear. Be conscious of bikes on the road and people in crosswalks. There are so many distractions that danger WILL abound, and it is just because people aren’t paying attention.

You also may be around someone who is driven to make their point, even though it feels one sided and full of resentment or pain over something. Things may sting if they shoot your way, and you just need to not take this personally! We are shooting off what feels like our truth, but many are coming with a force that is about wanting you to pay for the pain they feel. Don’t react like how you would in the old days. Respect that others need to bring something to the surface but that it is covered in wounds and scabs and things that make it feel more dramatic than it needs to be. You are to be an example of a supportive container and just show love for what you hear.

We also are two days before the New Moon in Capricorn, and it has us in darker spaces where we can't see the light, and for that reason people can be acting in rash ways as if the end of the world is near. They can come off as fried and totally disconnected from reality. See this like a Mama who is just about to give birth when they can feel they are going through a massive change as tons of fears pop in about things not going easy or as planned. Just because we face darkness doesn’t mean we need to see this as a negative thing. A new view is on the rise for US ALL and what manifests will be in the essence of what you think it will be.

This is a great day to work on computer things like with your website or with ideas you have for sharing something that you love to talk about. It is when we are to focus on long range goals and to also be taking the steps that affirm we are willing to work for what we want to see manifest. Look to the horizon and see for a new path that will support what you are wanting to rebuild in a better way. The magic of this day says that energy is following your thoughts and intentions you have for ways to bring about growth in your life. So, trust that blocks will be removed and that you may not see the way just yet, but it WILL rise for you if you believe it to be true. Don’t chase old manifestations that left you feeling flat in life. Don’t keep focusing on how wrong things can go. SEE that you are blessed, and the steps will be there when you are ready to go into a new level on things.


31 December 2021



MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 5 to 19 Sagittarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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