friday 24 december

Today is going to get you and it's going to reposition you! Whatever comes your way, be diligent with DOING THINGS and not sitting around because if you sit too still, it can fill you with sadness and doubt. But if you move your body or your hands, you will feel better! It is a great day to clean out drawers or to write letters to people who need to hear from you. It's better to do mundane things than sit still and worry about the future. Even if you don’t have any energy, try to be there with pen and paper and get things OUT OF YOU.

When I was really in the thick of ascension back around 2000 it felt like I couldn’t do anything right and nothing I wished for was coming my way. But I made the habit of waking up and writing out all the negative feelings I was going through with being real and raw about how I felt everything was against me. It was that act that got me going for another day because it felt so good to get it all out and to not feel bad for THINKING in these defeatist ways. In writing it down, I would move past the problem and into a position of feeling pumped up again thinking THIS DAY would be the one that changed things for me.

So don’t take it lightly to hear that you just need to write it out and get it on paper. It is 100% better to write about the pain you feel than to keep it in your mind where you make yourself wrong for how things don’t seem to be going how you planned. This day wants your energy taking the struggle and doing something about it where you are not idle and stuck in mental potholes that keep you seeing the same view from the bottom and not being able to see how to get out of this. It will be in writing or creating or cleaning or organizing that your mind will settle, and you will feel more determined to get over the hurdle and into a better position in life.

There will be a huge shift around noon where you will commit to a new way of operating in your day to day with a new passion to keep with the steps and the process that will provide you with something better down the road. Many of you will finally step into a project that will require A LOT from you, and something about turning a corner or digesting things differently is what is going to get you SUPER empowered for this new idea. So wait for the rise to come, but keep your hands busy and DO what comes to your mind because it plays a part in shifting your view and energy levels.

Also think about the fact that we have to knock on a door to let someone know we have arrived and are at their house. It takes us doing this act with our hands to get this other position to open up. Today is that same way. We can't just stand at the door and wait for something else to intuit that we are ready to shift. We must say, I AM HERE, and I AM READY.


24 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter. Moon/Mars.

MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Mars.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 30 Leo to 11 Virgo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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