wednesday 8 december

Okay loves! Today is going to bring a shift of consciousness that is to hit the planet and alter us all. It's like the energy of the eclipse finally reaches Earth today and we all will start feeling a bit more compassionate and loving about how imbalanced things are.

We act all stoic and badass with our judgment of others and our opinions on things. But ultimately most humans are holding really hateful thoughts around blaming others for their own lives not going as they planned.

For the next 2 years we will be facing how angry and revengeful we are because we feel others gain and we have to suffer. We will face how we quickly fight in life and expect things to challenge us. We constantly put out words that affirm the last thing we want to actually see happen. We nosedive into wanting to see others lose it all and to feel pain. Like, WHAT THE FUCK. That we could actually want others to experience pain is so low vibe and old world programming – but also it's pathetic.

How could any of us actually think in those ways – just because we have had to wait too long for a response, or we sit in miscommunications and the silence caused us to turn evil inside, or because we hate a different race, a different nation, a different view of things. The reason so many people were in pain right before the Solar Eclipse was because they were experiencing energy swinging back of thoughts kept hidden inside. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it's a pill that needs to get down our throats because we will pay for every negative thing we do from now on in these new energies.

And it is not okay to hold so many mean and hurtful things in your mind, on the daily, that go towards others and yourself. It is not okay that you crush your own spirit because others have shown you the same. It is not okay that we walk the timeline of the old world and find fault every step of the way. Because when you discover your truth, which you will over the next 2 years, you will not get so close to thoughts and actions that vote for more pain and wishes that others will fail at what they dream. Let others fill their lives with hatred and vile ideas on things, but don’t sit here and mirror it by getting so judgmental in how you think they need to be. YES, they may need to wake the fuck up out of the old world illusion that traps them in negative vibes – but you are not the judge of them. Limbo catches them after their heartbeat ends, and THAT is when judgment day occurs. But if you don’t want to end up in limbo too, don’t follow what you don’t love. Stop enforcing what makes you sick. Stop giving your vibration to the exclamation of negativity.


8 December 2021



MOON PHASE: plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 12 to 25 Aquarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be. #15 Wound Healer

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