tuesday 7 december

Good morning sweet love. So. Today is going to have you facing things from your past where you will wish you were as wise as you are now. Don’t allow yourself to go down with this new sense of appraisal of your life -- but do see that you are always growing and shifting into higher versions of yourself. And NONE of us are perfect and ALL of us have made heap loads of mistakes that we certainly didn’t think were wrong moves when we made them.

BUT. They served a purpose in getting you empowered with more value and wisdom to now be able to tell what is best for you. We can’t just force everyone to value us and to give to us so that our insecurities are not ruffled. Rather, we must heal and face how we are ruffled so that we don’t get so ruffled over and over from others just doing their thing. It is not fair that we try to make everyone else act better so that we don’t get upset by their moves. We are to learn from them, but we are in control of only ourselves. Wisdom comes when you wake up to how we blame everyone else and spend so much energy angry that they are not keeping up with how we need them to hold us in a certain way.

And, on a day like today, there will be TONS of reasons to look out and feel let down by how people are acting. So, the test will be on you allowing them the sovereignty that you want to express with your own life. It means we need to look out at others and not hate them because we think they got away with something or are frauds or are demonic or whatever. We place a reason for why we give ourselves permission to go dark on our judgment of others, but ultimately it keeps us matching the energy we despise in other things. We are what we eat, what we think, what we do – and to place angst on how others are not keeping up is only going to put you in the same misery pool that you see them being in.
This energy wants you shifting into a person who thinks of solutions when there is pain. For example, there is this woman who has owned the UPS store in Taos for 17 years and she is SO BURNT OUT. It is easy to judge her and to be upset that she is showing such discomfort for her job. But how I handled her is that I used my Crystal Friends #13 Manifest it to see some sort of opportunity coming to get her out of that position that is killing her day after day. I looked at her pain and I matched it with me using my energy to see a solution bless her life ASAP.

AND – about a week later a past employee came in and they talked things out -- and she ended up selling the business to this woman and her husband! So. As of now, she is out of the business and is officially retired and working on healing her body and soul. I 100% know that I played a part in that. And 100% I know that all the “Rainbow Tribe” and Starseeds that are here to bring in New Earth CAN DO THIS SAME THING. And it comes when we sit with more love in our own hearts and stop blaming and shaming everyone else for not acting how we want them to act. We are addicted to anger and it's killing all the new potential growth that we COULD HAVE if we stopped getting so mad at everyone else and how unconscious or inappropriate we think they are. There is another way and it's based on YOU seeing things with a more loving view.


7 December 2021



MOON PHASE: plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 27 Capricorn to 11 Aquarius



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