thursday 9 december

Good morning beauties! Many of you may have a headache today or something where your mind feels like a process has been done and now you are sort of staring off into space and not being able to do what you had planned. Things are taking us off schedule but it is to replenish and realign. Not all of you will be in pain, but a large group will.

This also comes with stillness, so it is to push you back into bed and into the dark where your body can rest and your mind can do this other thing. These upgrades that came are sort of monumental because they are helping us wake up out of our addictions to intellectualizing things and not really knowing in actuality what is going on or what things mean.

We always use the example of having a baby because if you haven’t birthed a child, you can only imagine the pain that is involved. It is not something that has settled into the body as actual consciousness and knowing. If you grew up in poverty and always fearing about how to get food on the table, you can only imagine what that is like if you grew up with wealth. You don’t have it settled in your body as what it really feels like to be in that sort of situation. This is why wealthy people always want to hurt you the most if they feel you took advantage of them or you didn’t do as they wanted you to do. The rich want to hurt you by seeing that you lose it all. But they only go that low vibe because they have never walked it and don’t have the consciousness of what it means to sit with nothing. So, they love the thought of hurting people that way – of taking things away.

Our new energies are to wake you up and see how damaging that is to the future of all. In many ways you will see parts of your life from this totally new perspective, and you won't believe you could have done what you did in your past. 100% of us look at our teens, 20s and 30s, and would 100% do it a different way when we are in our 40s and 50s. From our own paths, when we thought we had it so together and were so brilliant about what we should do – WE ALL look back and wish we could do it over and in a totally different way FROM the actual walking of life. Not one person sits and admires the moves of their early years when they walk the journey of wisdom and come to understand how our wounds get us acting stronger and thinking we know it all – but really, we are fighting it all until we heal and settle into actual consciousness of what it means to feel for others and to not be so mad at everyone and everything that you think is standing in your way to happiness.

This obsession we have is with others needing to fall in line – and true leaders walk something first and show that it can be done. They don’t sit behind the screen and judge how wrong things are. They get up and show you how things need to be. WE ALL are waking to being better leaders of how we want things to be. And from hatred seeds we grow hatred food. If you plant GMO seeds, you are not going to grow organic food. Stop planting so much hatred in your life when you really want the love. Walk things and they will become what you dream. Stop preaching hatred. Plant peace and you will grow peace.


9 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter. Moon/Nodes.

MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Nodes.

MOON PHASE: plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 26 Aquarius to 8 Pisces



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