friday 10 december

Good morning loves! BE AWARE! Something is coming today and it for sure will feel like a load of bricks or something that is heavy to process. This may deal with a woman or with someone who brings strong emotions to your body. This situation is to open something that gets you seeing it is time to go and time to move into a new space.

This may be when you decide to change course with a study or something you want to do to make a living. It may be that you realize things are oversaturated and you need to go to where the passion does grow. We need to always understand that patterns play out in our lives where there are cycles of being a student and then growing into the teacher. We have to hold a certain vibration before we teach it, and we have to walk that path that brings the consciousness of the teaching.

The internet is full of students fronting as teachers and they do not hold the vibration of what they teach – not yet. But when no one can see what we are really doing or how we really source our wisdom, it's easy to cheat and easy to project something on the wall that we think is enough. Time has a way of teaching us everything we need to know about how wrong we were getting things in our past. We ALL face judgment day eventually where the tests come to see if we are really qualified to teach. Certification checks pop up in the form of energy tripping us up and getting us to face what we don’t want to see because it goes against the old world way of doing things. Just like how there are massive amounts of people trying to break their Adderall addictions and now are wondering how they can do the work they used to do. The situation truly is recognizing how we are trying to fit ourselves into what is NOT working, which is why we need to do toxic things to our bodies and minds to get them doing the work. Also, Adderall was created during Hitler days to get the army to do what they did! That is something to get us all thinking again.

The manipulation has these things put in place hoping we will bite and be what they want us to be. And it's time to wake up and see that we may not know where we are going and how we need to grow, but when the time is right, the doors open and we will see clearly.

But this is also honoring the downtime and the rest that we need to naturally move into different flows that speak about being a student and then teacher. If we don’t do downtime, we only want to be the teacher, because we want fame and we want money and we want to get attention from others – showing up as validation for our own insecure feelings of self-worth. It's not healthy and it's not correct to be this way, but this is how the manipulation wants us to be. Racing for the top and totally discounting the natural journey and the ebbs and flows of what gets us truly holding a vibration of knowing in what we what to share far and wide with the world.

So. If something strikes a cord in you today, from somebody reaching out to you, it is supposed to be here and it sings of you needing to move to a new level of expression – whether that be first inhaling it or finally exhaling it. But always remember that inhaling is just as important as exhaling, and time going in makes time going out exponentially more powerful.

If you feel raw and unsure of what you are feeling and what this means, just tip your energy to there being a new beginning on the rise and that something about now is the ending of what is no longer serving you. Just lean into the next chapter that is about to unfold for you.


10 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune


MOON PHASE: plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 9 to 21 Pisces


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream. #15 Wound Healer

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