wednesday 24 november

Oh loves! This day is another big day where it will be essential that you try to stay in your own lane and not get too tangled up in the emotions or drama that others are going through. The ascension process went next level a few weeks ago and around today it can feel like so many are unable to cope, and it can feel overwhelming to process and take in as you try to make sense of things. What I see in this energy is a big black void space where no one knows, and everyone has to just surrender and calm their systems as they wait for the lights to be turned on again.

DO EVERYTHING in your power to hold a trusting mind space where you know Mama Earth is doing her thing and The Great Mystery is orchestrating a bigger plan that will keep us all safe. You need to think like you are on the edge of the cliff and if you don’t focus on your breath and take one step at a time, you COULD fall.

The ascension process tests you to see if you really got what it takes and also if you really want what you think you want. So it flips you inside out and makes you look from all these new perspectives. But when it gets you settled, you are good to go and you won’t regret one single moment of what brought you to your knees, begging for mercy, losing it all and constantly facing a mirror that revealed your inadequacies.

To be squeezed out is to find your true form that is masking a life based on addictions that are hurting you in the long run. We need to be really brave at this time in trusting that the pain and confusion of this dark cave is not going to last forever but that it is the most important time. We need to remember that darkness is when things grow, and light is when they show. But without the dark they don’t get to be anything at all. Without the dark, you have little value. Believe it or not! When you don’t face the dark, and only want to front as exalted light, you hold little value in actuality. You may be a great storyteller or broadcaster, but the dark creates what shines brightly in you down the road.

We NEED struggle. We NEED forks in the road. We NEED changing relationships that once felt abundant but now feel toxic. We need to sit squat in the dark with a few dollars to our name and NO WAY OUT – or so it seems. We need that mysterious space because it wakes us up to wanting to FIGHT FOR LIFE. And we need that passion to get us out of gutters, but we also need the gutter to birth the passion. Nothing is a mistake. We sleep and need this valuable thing in order to shine something worthwhile in the daylight hours.

Transform and start over TODAY in really getting that we don’t need to run from pain, we need to learn from it and listen and see what it births in us. But we need to learn to be excited for being on the edge of the cliff because it wakes us up to be better peoples. And with no dark, we are just chasing light and needing stimulants to keep us from sleeping. But how long can we really keep that going? Are we constantly chasing light because others manipulated us to think this was the way? My love, go get some sleep. Go get in the dark and just be. You were lied to and now it's time to set your true spirit free. In the nothingness you discover your bliss.


24 November 2021



MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 25 Cancer to 7 Leo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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