sunday 28 november

Today is going to be firing many of you up with energy to stay with things and really focus on what you need to do so that you feel like things are in order. BUT – there is a huge warning coming that is to let you know that someone is on the way who may throw you off balance and into something that then has you angry that they pulled you into their drama. It also may be that you take on too much through the internet and end up feeling a soggy mess as if all is too far gone. You may hear stories that feel like everyone is drowning and the flood waters can have you losing hope and jumping head first into what can pull you into a bit of a glass half empty nightmare manifesting.

This day is a big teacher because it is giving you what you are giving it. And this is why I would love to hear that you all stay solid in valuing your own ideas of how your day should go and NOT giving in to others needing you right now. Like, don’t do what goes against you working for the betterment of the order system going on around you. This day would rather have your brain positioned into cleaning up your own messes and working on getting your breathing mask on so that you are full of strong boundaries with others who really just need you to be neutral and to allow things to pass on through.

You cannot save everyone. We are not here to save everyone. But right now, it's about you saving yourself so that you CAN save some people. Today makes it clear that you CAN give or you CAN’T. Don’t over promise or feel bad for saying no to people who think they need you for something. MOST of you really need self-care today and to give value to what YOU wish you could be doing

This is a GREAT day to finally put in the effort to do detail work that needs you checking off lists and upgrading what was in the old system. The insights that have been coming are to get you seeing that there are better ways to do what WAS actually blocking you. This is to show you that there are processes to things, and it is to help you become more mutable as you go with the flow of why we sometimes feel stopped up or halted in life. Often the old system is so outdated that it stops on you because it WILL harm you in the future or be something that actually diminishes your potential. You are stopped for good reason! And now it's on you to find the compassion and forgiveness so that you ride the journey with love and not hesitation and fear.

On the train, do you get worked up when it stops to let people off even though it's not your stop yet? No. You don’t. You KNOW the process does this, and then it does that. It's time to pretend you are on the train, and even though you don’t know the processes, you are to sit and wait until they call out your station, with glass half full trust that of course your time will come. Until then, clean like Marie Kondo and release what no longer brings you joy, but with gratitude as you let it go, with good vibes for all the sides of your mysterious processes. There is NOTHING to worry about, my love. Let’s take this one step at a time.


28 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune.


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 16 to 28 Virgo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

 #15 Sexual Harmony/Wound Healer

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