sunday 21 november

Good morning! Let me remind you that you are valuable – and that we only know authentic value from the inside out. Outside in was the old world ways. This means we grow things in the mystery and like the roots of the tree, but when our time comes, we come forward showing ourselves in the ways of a tree that really knows the journey of growing roots and NOT being seen – and not feeling valued. When we are in the dark, we grow the most!

Therefore, we must NEVER RUSH the space of retreat and healing and confusion and dark spaces where we don’t know this way from that, where we don’t even know if we can trust ourselves and trust that we ARE on the best path. THOSE PLACES are where our deep magic alchemizes into a new vibration where we can attract the dreams of our heart.

But we don’t get to use money or influence to change our vibration – to change what we attract. It is only from the rewiring and healing process of finding ourselves again that we shift our vibration and start seeing a new world become our reality. Allow your mind to see that stews need to cook, and things need to be in a process as they then change into what we dream. But they need us slowing down and getting into the changes that are what happens when food gets broken down and turned into a collective stew. It is where you surrender into a process that is not like how the old world sees things, but that DOES get you into a life that feels more like the dream – where we all just get along and work to make things better.

It must be that we fight the illusion that keeps us falling in line with the support of old world ways. Today someone is going to come in and they have strong emotions that are testing to see if you actually value yourself and will be courageous enough to draw a boundary, to leave a space that you thought you would be, and to do things that support you feeling harmonious in your brain. Others may want to beat some old idea to death, but you are going to see above the trap of a spell the other is in that keeps them fixated into division and hatred for something in an opposite position. See this for the test it is and see that you have been here before, and it didn’t work out so well! You fell in the trap before and it stole days of your mental space, being consumed into wanting to put another in their place and be clear with how upset you are.

For now, don’t fall in the trap. Don’t devalue yourself by giving them the next few days in mental frustration and wishes that you hadn’t gone there. Don’t be the boss of others even if they come from something so out of balance. Just allow them in as you also allow them to move on through. Don’t stick with what makes you feel like something is wrong with you for who you are. See that you deserve better and keep moving until you find things that really support you. You have permission to leave the building. Change is in this day – and you will be the one deciding.



21 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune. Moon/Jupiter.

MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Jupiter.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Gemini to 1 Cancer


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.


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