MVG #143 | Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


hello love!

We are doing something different with the readings this time because this eclipse has been SO POWERFUL!! And I DO NOT have the per sign readings but will have them in the next issue!

I have been in a wonderland rainfall of solutions coming, but others around me are having so many things collapsing around them. It's also when people have been doing leaf blowers for hours a day -- which totally makes it 100% impossible to do readings.

I have FOR SURE been pushed down the river by forces outside of my control -- BUT I totally understand why! This eclipse is the biggest one we will see in our lifetime. It is when the energy comes to truly shift our mental spaces so that we can see how wrong we have been getting it and how we need to think again about what will work for our high vibing upgraded bodies.

SO. I am doing an XTRA guide for the Solar Eclipse where I will talk about the Lunar Eclipse (that happened a few days ago) and tell you about the new 2 year cycle that is about to begin and what it means for you!! The Solar Eclipse is when we will all start moving again. The readings for the next 2 weeks speak of MASSIVE change and you will get to read about that soon!

Until then, I love you and support the big changes that are about to come for you. Its time to come alive!

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK with the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius MVG #143


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