monday 29 november

Good morning sweet beauty! Today is really powerful – but WOW does it pack something intense that will really get you to snap awake and see for a new view.

So. The day is going to have you running into things that get you questioning your soul’s purpose or if you are receiving enough attention from your gifts. If you don’t feel seen, you can hit a real big pothole in the road that comes when you least expect it, but it grabs something inside of you that gets you feeling like maybe you can't trust the big dreams you have been imagining for yourself. Something from the collective can drop into your day and it will make you feel like you don’t have room to manifest the beauty you desire – when you see so much pain or see so much extreme wealth not doing a thing to bring peace to earth.

What you see can have you going frigid with your own dreams and wondering if you would be better off worrying or finding ways to think that your flaws created the future you will one day walk – where there is nothing you can do to be as fortunate as others who weren’t as betrayed, neglected or let down as you.

Today is to get us all facing our wounded places and the interpretation we hold about things. What I say to people now is that in my past, I COULD NOT STOP talking about and focusing on what wounded me – I couldn’t stop trying to digest it and make sense of it! So all I saw was how it hurt me and destroyed what I could have been if I HAD been loved and valued as a baby. All I could see was how it damaged me.

But now in my life, I don’t think of it as negative at all! I WISH it could have been different and it can make me sad to think closely into certain things – but overall, I AM this badass wonder because of it all. I AM this wonderful because of traveling through the wound and healing and acceptance and rising like the phoenix who sees the other side of things. I now feel like the volcano of my wounds, where I have extra power because of what thought it could destroy me. Now I give no energy to thinking I am too wounded because others were too wounded and too unconscious to see the error of their ways. I just pick up and go and carry on like that Lion King guy who lost his legs in the bungie jumping accident.

Like, carry on then – because there is nothing we can do to go back and do it better. We can just learn from the experiences that seem to turn out badly and trust that we will grow stronger and more powerful when we turn the circle of this healing journey. And that journey is not linear and cannot be predicted. But there IS a utopia and something that brings you to the other side and into something that gets you feeling a WHOLE DIFFERENT WAY.

For this reason, be gentle with your journey, but where you go down today is with something that embodies a special gift of yours. And you are to listen to how you want to fall to the ground and see yourself as a victim, but then you will notice that something lifts you like a hot air balloon and gets you seeing that you don’t want to process things like that anymore. Allow your hot air to find you and lift you into seeing that you ARE important and the journey to get you into form is what you need to experience. It all will make sense -- and what broke you WILL bring you more power when the dust settles. Stay focused on seeing the love in why things had to be.


29 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron.


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 29 Virgo to 12 Libra


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #15 Sexual Harmony/Wound Healer

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