monday 22 november

Good morning sweet loves! This is going to be a really big day for a lot of people as there is the potential for things to be extreme where some are in glorious feast and others are in unfathomable famine. It's an extreme energy that's ripping something open for the purpose of us really seeing the truth -- so that we can start rebuilding a new way that is supportive and about the consciousness of how we all connect.

As we have been talking for over a week, things have been revealing to wake us up to how we have been mentally programmed to support what is killing us all. We were conned into defending what is actually doing our lives harm. And because of the energy that started coming to earth on November 1st, it is becoming impossible for us to not connect these dots that are clear as day when you finally start looking at them.

There will be something about an extreme raining down of fronts falling, that reveal the wicked truths, and this is going to be the energy that it takes to push start a car and to get it moving as if nothing was wrong. To push start a car you need more than one person, and you also need to understand that you're doing different jobs. One stays in the vehicle while another does the pushing. And without the two, a car that needs to be pushed to get it going is not going to be able to get going.

So, as we see more and more that makes us sick to our belly to think that this could be going on, just remember that we need to think like this is us going through the house and making a grocery list of what we need to pick up at the store. It needs to be where we become more detached with the pain where we respond more like the nurse and with a resolve to do whatever we can to make things better.

The old ways, before this energy started coming towards earth, we would be more apt to want to escape or disappear and check out when things get too heavy. Now, as we face more and more, it adapts us to be in a position of authority in that we want to bring about a solution and give whatever we can to contribute to something getting into a better position. This is another layer of the humanitarian space that finally is opening in larger ways. And just how I've told you for years, I've been watching all of the animal abuse and conspiracy theories for over 20 years. And something about the saturating in things that are hard to understand, or even believe could be happening, the more they're easier to process when more come our way.

The more we do things, the better we are equipped to handle them. The more we work out and use our muscles, the more we are equipped to DO MORE with them. Our old energy would want to turn away at the sight of pain. Our new energy wants to give attention to the pain, with more focus going towards wanting to see the pain be no more. We don’t clean things up by putting them in the closet and hiding them away. We clean by facing all and giving attention towards putting things in their best position.

Your system is being rewired and you may be slow to wake, where you feel a bit grouchy and annoyed by all that is out of place, but real soon, you are gonna find your get up and go and it’s going to plant new passion in you to never back down from what is wrong – not ever again. But my loves, this is not about fighting one another, it's about fighting the system that conned you into fighting one another. The problem is deeper than the surface expression.



22 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron.


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 2 to13 Cancer


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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