tuesday 9 november

Okay baby! Here we are again! The past 3 days have been working together to bring big shifts that deal with you buying into old world ideas and now suddenly waking up to how you are ready to rebuild and get deep with the process to get to some dream. We are on board and with this and not letting go of what we need to be doing.

What I feel from this is like the wakeup call when you find out you are sick from something you were doing and now you may die if you don’t change TODAY. It's like the energy where we finally face what we need to see and commit to new patterns that will rebuild the way we walk the world.

One of the big things I want you all to consider is that in focusing too much on what is out there that is out of balance, you lose grip of reality on what is around you. You forget that you CAN make a difference in the correction of things that are in your home – by tidying up -- and in your community – by taking a notice of what needs you. To save others we must save ourselves first. The breathing mask goes over self and then others. Your community is self, and the world at large is others.

Where you are needs you walking new steps that show you are aware of your community AND are doing something to make a difference. For example, where I live there is a huge divide between those ridiculously rich and unfathomably poor. I see natives in their 70’s walking miles to come see if there is any food in the donation boxes around town. They usually come when it gets dark, and if they are in a car, it's a car on its last legs. While the rich sit toasty and unwilling to notice.

But what I am now working on is going to the houses of people in the neighborhood and asking for donations so that I can find people to keep the boxes stocked – because they are often empty or only with rice and hard beans. And that is the sad thing for those that walk miles hoping to find some food to sustain. So, I was thinking I will canvas my hood, and maybe will even put out an ad in the paper to tell people about this and to ask them to pick up a few things when they go to the store and just make the habit of dropping it in one of the boxes. If we all picked 2 extra things each shopping trip the boxes would overflow. As they should be for those who have nothing and are praying for our generosity.

This is an example of the transformation that is to hit you. It is where we wake up to what really matters, which is what is RIGHT HERE with you getting your breathing mask on, and THEN we go out to tackle bigger issues. You will sink into despair if you focus too much on what is out there in a global way. Pull yourself back and limit your internet time because the rebuild is where your phone gets way less of your attention. The new earth ways have us out there canvasing and not scrolling through too much information and questionable motives of the majority who are presenting as your authorities. Pull it back in and look around you. What could YOU DO? How can YOU correct what has been done wrong?



9 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 18 Capricorn to 2 Aquarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream

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